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Red Dingo Puffer Jacket (Navy / Turquoise)

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Is the puffer jacket reversible?

Yes! Our puffer jackets are reversible. Each puffer jacket has two colours.
Note: to ensure the puffer jacket holds its shape the reflective trim is only on the primary colour side.

Will your dog stay warm with your puffer jackets in very cold weather?

This will depend on the dog’s size, coat, body composition, tolerance to cold weather and activity. Please constantly monitor your dog’s body temperature to ensure they are not too cold, or too hot. If your dog is performing rigorous activities in any form of apparel, ensure they do not overheat.

Are the puffer jackets waterproof?

Due to the construction of the puffer jacket, they are not considered waterproof. However, the neoprene panel is waterproof to protect the underbody from water, dew and snow.

Can you use a harness with the puffer jacket?

Yes, you can use either an adjustable or padded harness over-top of the puffer jacket. Red Dingo chose not to include a D-ring hole for harnesses due to it being a potential weak point in the fabric.

What are the puffer jackets made from?

Outer: Nylon/Neoprene. Filling: Synthetic.

Can you wash the puffer jacket?

Red Dingo puffer jackets can be warm machine washed (max. 40°C / 100°F), if required. We recommend spot cleaning any minor stains with soapy water if possible. Do not bleach.

Can you put the jacket in the dryer?

To ensure the puffer jacket maintains its shape, do not tumble dry. Place the puffer jacket flat on a rack to air dry. Redistribute the filling if required, once dry. Do not iron.