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  • Pegasus Hayfever 6c 25g | CHEW AND KO.
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Pegasus Hayfever 6c 25g

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For itchy streaming eyes, nose, sneezing with watery discharges.


Allium cepa 6c – For frequent sneezing with copious watery, acrid nasal discharge; watery secretions from eyes, red and burning eyes.

Arundo mauritanica 6c - Itching of palate, eyes and in ear canal, itching in nostril with sneezing, allergies from pollution.

Histaminum 6c – This remedy acts as a homeopathic antihistamine, without the ‘negative’ allopathic aspects.

Natrum muriaticum 6c - Violent sneezing with watery discharges, leading to nasal congestion and difficulty in breathing through the nose; burning itchy eyes with swollen lids.

Sabadilla 6c -  Violent spasmodic sneezing, causing frontal sinus & pain.  Itching and tickling in ears and nose; nasal congestion; over sensitivity to odours, especially flowers causing secretions of transparent mucus. Red burning eyelids; eyes that water especially on going into open air.

Wyethia helenoides 6c  – Itching at the back of the nose.  Violent sneezing with itchy palate and epiglottis.


5 pillules (dogs & cats) & small animals.
10 pillules (horses & large animals)
Hourly for acute conditions x 3 doses, then 2 -4 hourly x 3 doses. Thereafter, 1 to 3 times daily till well.