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Outward Hound Surprise Hedgies

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Outward Hound Surprise Hedgies were designed for you and your pup to unbox each toy to reveal a fun surprise dog toy inside! Each box has 1 of 4 Surprise Hedgies inside for your pup to pull out, play with and chomp on for a fun grunting sound! Featuring Sarah Sprinkles, Melanie Melon, Gary Galaxy and Connor Cactus, COLLECT THEM ALL!

  • SURPRISE: Unbox to reveal 1 of our 4 new Hedgie dog toys hibernating inside!
  • COLLECT THEM ALL: Each box has 1 of our 4 new printed Hedgie pals, featuring (1) Sarah Sprinkles, (2) Gary Galaxy, (3) Melanie Melon, (4) Connor Cactus.
  • SILLY GRUNT SOUNDS: Outward Hound Surprise Hedgies are built to grunt to the beat of your dog's bite.
  • A SHAPE DOGS LOVE: Your pooch digs plush toys that are as cuddly as they are chewable. Our Hedgie pals are the perfect round shape that dogs can cozy up with and play with all day long.
  • FUN NO MATTER HOW YOU PLAY: Unbox, chew, toss and play! Collect all of the Hedgie pals for repeat fun!